Cruising into Success in 2017

Katie Barth PureCars

2016 has been a record year for the automotive industry. But with a year of great sales comes the question, “what’s next?” Dealers will have to think more strategically in 2017 in order to accelerate sales after a big year. That’s where digital comes in. We’ve rounded up our three keys to success– think of them as the gas for …


Boost Your Service Center Traffic This Fall

Katie Barth PureCars

70 million searches for parts and service occur every month on Google. Your dealership might be showing up for the search, but are you winning their business? A sale might start with a search, but that’s not the only thing that brings them in. Service departments are an important source of revenue for dealerships, but turning researchers into service lane …


Don’t Blow Your Budget During Election Season

Katie Barth PureCars

Election season presents unique opportunities for car dealers, and unique obstacles. With billions of ad dollars being spent this election cycle, it’s even more important for dealers to strategize their ad spend so their message doesn’t get lost in the flood of election campaigns, statistics, and memes. Shift from Traditional to Digital Throughout the election cycle, dealers are competing with …


Google’s Ignite Video 2016: Why Your Dealership Needs Video Now

Katie Barth PureCars

As a Premier Partner, PureCars had the opportunity to attend Google’s Ignite Video event at their New York City office this week. From David Droga, Founder and Creative Chairman of Droga5 to Poo Pourri CEO Suzy Batiz, Ignite Video’s speakers shared countless best practices and success stories from incorporating video into their strategies. Whether your dealership is currently running online …

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What to Expect from ETAs

Katie Barth PureCars

This January, Google is making a global shift from standard text ads to expanded text ads. Created to improve the search experience in a mobile-first world, expanded text ads (ETA for short) are the next generation of search. Here’s what you can expect from the change: More Content = More Opportunity Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) differ from Standard Text Ads …