Steering In-Market Buyers with Tech

Katie Barth Case Studies, PureCars

Leveraging PureCars SmartAdvertising, we drove 50% of users directly to the VDPs, and 50% to a specials landing page. Engagement results were compared from groups to determine what offered the best customer experience in search. The benefits of driving consumers to inventory pages (SRP/VDP) were overwhelmingly positive. Using PureCars SmartAdvertising three dealerships experienced: Bounce rate reduction from 41% to 15% …

The Competitive Difference

Katie Barth Case Studies, PureCars

A Lexus dealer on the west coast was faced with a unique set of issues, starting with territory: another Lexus dealer had the name of their city as part of their dealership name, despite the city being outside of their targeted territory. Our dealers goal was to overcome the competition issue to dominate their backyard both in desktop and mobile. …

Driving Sales Forward with Relevancy

Katie Barth Case Studies, PureCars

  We put the role of relevancy to the test with a Nissan dealer on the West Coast. Before launching PureCars, the dealer had multiple vendors working on the same channel. These vendors were running separate campaigns with differing goals, causing inefficiencies in the overall strategy. After leveraging PureCars SmartAdvertising’s dynamic structure and higher level of relevancy, the dealership saw:  Increase …

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What to Expect at Digital Dealer 2016

Katie Barth PureCars

Each year, over 1,000 dealers come together for one of the biggest automotive events of the year: Digital Dealer Conference and Expo. With over 120 exhibiting companies, 100+ sessions, and 5 keynote presentations, the Digital Dealer Conference is an event you can’t afford to miss! Here’s what to expect at this year’s conference: Thought Leaders The Digital Dealer Conference brings …

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More Screens = More Opportunity

Katie Barth PureCars

Think about the last time you watched TV. Did you have your smartphone in front of you? A 2016 Nielsen Audience Report showed that adults in the U.S. watch over 5 hours of television per day. But the television isn’t all they’re focused on. Think with Google discovered that 84% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices as a …