The PureCars Display Exchanges is our exclusive network made up of hundreds of thousands of the world’s top exchanges and publishers across devices.


We leverage the most aggressive bidding strategy for our dealers through real-time bidding on both desktop and mobile (in app and in browser).

Advanced Targeting

PureCars’ advanced targeting strategies span from audience and contextual targeting to both site and dynamic retargeting:

  • audience


    Utilize data and lookalike audiences to discover new shoppers.
  • Contextual

    Use custom auto channels and keywords to locate new in-market buyers based on their online activity.

  • Site Retargeting

    Re-engage your website visitors after they’ve left.

  • Dynamic Retargeting

    Drive low-funnel traffic back to your holy grail: the VDP.

Display for Mobile

It doesn’t stop there– SmartAdvertising reaches buyers even after their computers are closed.

The Display Exchange reaches your buyers across mobile– both in-app and in-browser.PureCars uses in-app ads, in-browser ads, interstitial ads and geotargeting for mobile to reach and engage low funnel buyers regardless of interface.

Put your message in the right place at the right time– across devices– with PureCars Display offering.

Dynamic Retargeting

Re-engage previous website visitors with dynamic retargeting. Serve low-funnel buyers customizable, offer-specific ads that drive them back to your SRP or VDP.
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