Webinar: What's the Right Digital Mix for My Dealership?

In today’s advertising world, the focus has shifted from “Should I invest in digital advertising?” to “What digital channels should I be on? What should I budget for each? How do I know what’s working and what isn’t?” With today’s dealers seeing about 20% average ad waste, it’s never been more important to figure out your most effective advertising strategy. This webinar will take you through best practices, metrics, and budgeting tips channel by channel, giving you valuable insights into those difficult digital decisions.

  • What channels you should utilize to reach your goals
  • How to budget efficiently by channel
  • How to utilize metrics to get the most out of your digital advertising

Registration can be found here.


About the Speaker: Vincent Butler


Vincent Butler has spent six years in digital marketing, with three years in digital automotive. In addition to extensive experience with Google Analytics and Ad Words, Vincent has previously developed a mobile app to allow customers to stream product as opposed to a download, while decreasing the steps in the purchasing process. Vincent joined PureCars in 2015 as a Success Manager and is now a Customer Success Supervisor where he develops digital strategies for automotive dealers to increase online traffic. His goal is to maximize the performance and success of dealers’ digital ad campaigns across the country to sell more cars.

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