Google Analytics 360

PureCars is proud to be selected as one of the few Authorized Resellers of Google Analytics 360, formally known as Google Analytics Premium. Google Analytics 360 brings a robust new level of insight and data to your digital strategy, with customizable packages with services to match each dealer’s individual needs and budgets.

Data makes all the difference

With Google Analytics 360, your dealership will be armed with the best tools in the industry for making data-driven decisions. The tool integrates your marketing and analytics tools for synergy across all platforms.

The industry’s most powerful attribution

  • ROI Analysis and Attribution: build your own attribution models to track marketing efforts and ensure you’re investing your valuable ad dollars where they bring the most ROI
  • Attribution backed by data: get a 360-degree view at which channels and keywords are performing best. Empower your strategy with data!

White glove service meets top-notch tech 

PureCars has had a longstanding partnership with Google as a Google Premier Partner. One of the only vertical agnostic providers in the industry, we are proud to bring an even more powerful tool to our clients. With PureCars, you’re getting more than just a vendor. You’re getting a partner in success.


You can learn more about Google Analytics 360 here.



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