Value Intelligence

Value Intelligence™ optimizes your SRP (Search Results Page) and VDP (Vehicle Display Page) with the most valuable and relevant information for your shoppers.

Car dealers who use Value Intelligence™ are turning over their inventory at a 65% faster turnover rate than dealers who do not—what are you waiting for?

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Visually Represent Value and Reconditioning Directly on Your VDP.

Multi-value highlights are dynamic and automatically customized to your vehicle using your real-time inventory feed and our data library to show highlights that matter most.

Value Intelligence is the only solution that does not require your shopper to click out of your VDP to view compelling vehicle highlights.

Visually Compelling

The Value Report banners offer a clean, easy-to-read and modern design that attracts customers who are shopping on car dealer websites. The information boxes stand out on each website page, encouraging car buyers to click on them for more information about your cars.

SmartComments®: 100% Automated Text Versions of Our Visual Highlights.

SmartComments are customizable, fully automated and SEO optimized. They are editable on the template and vehicle level to give your dealer a competitive advantage and full control.

Trade-In Report™

The PureCars Trade-In Report is the top performing lead generation tool that takes consumers only 30 seconds to complete and provides current fair market values. As the industry’s simplest lead form, dealers get more quality leads, and consumers receive a justified value range based on their vehicle’s condition.

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Value Reports

Value Reports are automatically generated to show your online shoppers the most valuable information about your vehicles.

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Value Reports

Automatically generated to show your online shoppers and showroom staff the most valuable information about your vehicles. From top highlights, options, and reconditioning to relevant market data and dealer incentives.

Multi-Value Highlights

Dynamically show the top highlights and options of your vehicle with visually compelling icons right on your VDP.


Capture leads and automatically notify them via mobile and email of price drops and vehicle details.

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