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What to Expect from ETAs

This January, Google is making a global shift from standard text ads to expanded text ads. Created to improve the search experience in a mobile-first world, expanded text ads (ETA for short) are the next generation of search.

Here’s what you can expect from the change:

More Content = More Opportunity

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) differ from Standard Text Ads in a few key ways. ETAs will allow two headlines instead of one with a maximum character count of 60. In addition, ETA URLs will allow for custom URLs to provide more relevant information about the user’s expected destination.

In short, ETAs make the most of the space the removal of Right Rail ads left behind. With almost 50% more ad text available, more characters means more information to draw customers in — and a better user experience.


Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 9.46.51 AM


Transitioning to ETAs

Starting January 2017, Google AdWords will no longer support the creation of Standard Text Ads. Although all ads moving forward will be in the new ETA format, existing Standard Text Ads will continue to serve past the October 26th update, running alongside any newly created Expanded Text Ads.


Making the Most of ETAs

The biggest benefit of the change is more space for content, creating a more relevant search experience, and the opportunity to drive more qualified clicks to your site. Expanded Text Ads share many of the same best practices as the Standard Text Ads we’re used to.


  • Think strategically about your content. Don’t aim to simply fill the additional space. Instead, think about the goals of your campaign and develop engaging, relevant content to spark the user’s interest.
  • Utilize the clickable space. ETAs aren’t just providing more space for content. They’re increasing your ad’s clickable space! Take advantage of the opportunity to drive more clicks to your site by utilizing the expanded character limits.
  • Don’t forget mobile! ETAs were designed to improve the search experience as the world becomes more and more mobile focused — so keep mobile in mind when developing content and headlines! Consider how the text will be displayed across all screens.

PureCars Technology

The global shift will impact marketers everywhere, but the PureCars ad builder platform makes the update even better. As a PureCars dealer, we’ve already taken care of the change for you. Because you are a valued PureCars customer, we’re taking care of the change for you. The award-winning technology we’re known for has been updated to create engaging and dynamic Expanded Text Ads. Our extensive beta testing has shown no negative impact on performance. As with any other change, campaigns will be continuously monitored and optimized to ensure they’re performing at their best.

For more information on ETAs, tune into our free webinar on September 15th, hosted by our Director of SmartAdvertising. Current PureCars customers can also reach out to their Success Manager with more questions.


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